Leaked Emails EXPOSE Impeachment And Joe Biden, Trump May Have RIGHT About Corruption The Whole Time (Tim Pool)

Leaked Emails EXPOSE Impeachment And Joe Biden, Facts Seem To Back Up Trump's Claim About Corruption. In emails leaked by Jon Solomon, it appears that Burisma tried intervening to stop the corruption investigation against it. According to the emails this happened just around one month before Joe Biden offered a quid pro quo to Ukraine in order to get their top prosecutor fired.

Strangely, after the new prosecutor stepped in he cleared Burisma's owner of any wrong doing. This lends itself to Trump's claim about Joe Biden and corruption. The timeline backs up the president.

If this version of events is true that means the basis of impeachment is a lie. But impeachment being a scam may be obvious already.

More than two years ago Mark Zaid, the whistleblower's attorney, said the "coup has started" and went on to push for impeachment. This was over two years before the Ukraine phone call about Biden.

All relevant information at this point seems to back up the president, that impeachment is a scam for partisan reasons to cause him harm going into 2020.

Democrats are playing a dangerous game but perhaps it is all they have to defeat Trump. The far left push has soured many voters and they are placing their bets on negative partisanship.

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Joe Biden Called Trump an Idiot, But What’s That Say About Biden?

Joe Biden Called Trump an Idiot, But What’s That Say About Biden?


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Joe Biden Claims He Was Not Aware of Son’s Service on Burisma’s Board

Joe Biden Claims He Was Not Aware of Son’s Service on Burisma’s Board Joe Biden claimed on Friday he was unaware his youngest son, Hunter, was serving on the board of directors of a Ukrainian oil and gas giant while Biden was responsible for Obama administration policy towards the country.

Biden & Burisma: Oligarch Energy War Protection Against Poroshenko Kickbacks

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss former VP Joe Biden's appearance on CBS' "60 Minutes", where Biden cam to the defense of his son Hunter Biden's shady Ukrainian business dealings.

"I’ve never discussed my business or their business, my sons’ or daughter’s," said Biden. "And I’ve never discussed them because they know where I have to do my job and that’s it and they have to make their own judgments. [Hunter] was already on the board. And he’s a grown man. And it turns out he did not do a single thing wrong, as everybody’s investigated."

Biden never mentioned the fact that he used his power as Vice President to have a prosecutor fired who was investigating his son's Ukrainian employer, energy company Burisma.

Background to the Burisma Holdings Hunter Biden thing. The company was being investigated and Joe helped protect them from investigation by having the prosecutor fired. Hunter wasn't being investigated but an Oligarch involved (whose assets were frozen in the UK) was ... the Trump call was not necessarily about going after Biden, but a heads up to looking at the Russiagate hoax. This situation was brought up because Trump was worried about the corruption in the country that might derail things. Anyway, the whole impeachment push on this matter doesn't make any sense in this context. There is no crime. Posted to help people work things out, especially if this impeachment push fails - just like the Russiagate investigation failed (not because there was a cover-up, but because there was no case to be made).

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