LATEST IN ELECTION FUCKERY NEWS FROM WWW.HONESTYVOTE.ORG Why is the COVID vaccine not just a small dose of COVID? People that say it hasn't been isolated and proven to exist sure have an answer!

Fake Book Fact Wreckers Get Bodied On Face Masks


Presenting your favored side of a widely, hotly, debated scientific issue and presenting it as the be all end all truth isn't based in critical thinking, logic, or anything of the sort. It is, however, the epitome of nightmarish, orwellian authoritarianism. The fact of the matter is, there is more evidence to the contrary, especially in the decades before this became a political issue, casting more doubt on any recent studies than anything in the past.

Documentary: Anti-Maskers VS Maskholes - Master Debaters and Masked Debaters Face Off On Facemasks #BitChute

I am a sceptic's sceptic. A debunker buster. Debunker of pseudoseptic duh-bunk-turds. You will not intimidate me or win in a debate via disinformation, when you are demonstrably incorrect. Your hubris and overreach will be your downfall. #DebateMeGetBodied

Fake Book Fact Wreckers Get Bodied On Face Masks

 DEBUNKED CLAIM: Republicans caught conspiring to commit mass election fraud in Pennsylvania - Trump Haters and Hyper-Partisan Dems Are The Ones Being Willfully Ignorant


Swing State Voters Enraged By Voting System ‘Irregularities’ - Contrary To the Lamestream Media Narrative the Irregularities Were Inordinately Large And All Historical Norms That Reliably Predict The Winner As Well As A Trusted Mathematical Method That Indicates Fraud Purportedly All Massively Failed At Once By Chance And Not Design. If You Believe That You Probably Believe Isolated Fires Blew Up WTC Building 7 Like A Controlled Demolition On 9/11!


Fraction Magic - Detailed Vote Rigging Demonstration - Fractional voting must be eliminated. It's very existence is designed for fraud according to a great many election integrity researchers. Paper ballots with unobstructed bipartisan observers is preferable. If we are to have electronic anything it must not operate in the manner outlined in this video...

  Georgia: The Fix Is In! Fact Checkers Omit Key Facts! Debunkers Debunked! If a NFL team scores from cheating what good is it to re-tallying up the score? Keeping refs away from the replay screen. Shady indeed. How does one recount ballots tossed in the trash? What good is a count when signatures can't be matched? Electronic vote flips still get cast.

Rudy Giuliani's historic press conference detailing evidence of election fraud. 

EXCLUSIVE: New Michigan Voter Data I Stumbled Across! | Good Morning #MugClub

 "I'll Make Fcking Sure Trump Doesn't Win!" says DOMINION Employee to Antifa

There Is A Line In The Sand! There Is A Time To Defend! Better Not Throw In The Towel! #StopTheSteal